Student Teams from LHS Launch High Altitude Balloons

Student teams in Engineering Two at Littleton High School had the opportunity to participate in a stratospheric payload flight on a high altitude balloon on Saturday, April 9, 2022. 

The four teams of students designed their payloads and put them through multiple tests to confirm the structural integrity of their design to ensure their payloads would survive flight. 

Students built shields attached to microcontrollers, which included sensors to measure temperature, air pressure, and acceleration while in flight. Payloads were launched from Deer Trail, CO at 7:00 a.m. on April 9, reached an altitude of approximately 96,000 feet, and recovered 60 miles east of launch outside of Arriba, CO. It's fantastic that high school students are voluntarily getting up early on a Saturday morning to do this awesome and fascinating work. It’s truly amazing, and you can watch a video about the launch below and learn more about their project on the CTE website. Technology and engineering teacher Dan Steepleton said, “It was one of the coolest days I’ve had as a teacher!”