Each year in May, the Littleton Public Schools Joint PTO Scholarship Fund awards scholarship grants to support teachers’ continued professional growth. These funds, which are a result of a joint enterprise of all individual LPS schools’ PTOs (Parent/Teacher Organizations), help teachers pay for special training or classes toward an advanced degree. All teachers in LPS are invited to participate, and teachers who meet the requirements are eligible to receive a grant.

This year, 15 LPS teachers from across the district were awarded scholarships. LPS Superintendent Brian Ewert presented scholarship recipients with their Joint PTO Scholarship Fund grants during a reception held May 2, 2018.

2018 Joint PTO Scholarship recipients are:

  • Mike McShea, Littleton High School
  • Allison Carter, Sandburg Elementary
  • Theresa Derr, Centennial Academy
  • Linda Wood, Arapahoe High School
  • Libby Wachter, Hopkins Elementary
  • Diane Mayer, Peabody Elementary
  • Tammy Escue, Twain Elementary School
  • Sydney Stulock, Hopkins Elementary School
  • Suzanna Gedde, Centennial Academy
  • Pamela McWilliams, Euclid Middle School
  • Katie Abner, Arapahoe High School
  • Kirt Woodman, Heritage High School
  • Laura Reck-Merkel, Sandburg Elementary School
  • Catie Sandoval, Wilder Elementary School
  • Amy Lengyel, Centennial Academy

The LPS Joint PTO Scholarship Committee has been helping teachers cover training costs since 1958. It has been the Committee’s objective to help improve instruction for students by helping teachers get the training they need.

Thank you to members of the PTO Scholarship Committee for their continued support of our teachers!