LPS Heroes Recognition Series No. 5

At their regularly scheduled meeting on February 11, 2021, the Board of Education recognized three LPS employees as LPS Heroes for their excellent work during the past several months.

Carrie Sullivan, systems and Infinite Campus administrator, built the environment for a new online school last spring, and she helped run the registration process to make it easy and transparent for parents and staff. She built five new models of attendance reflecting LPS's “new normal.” She has helped on quarantine communications, many of which happened during late hours and on weekends. Carrie has also built internal tracking systems on the fly and processed thousands of boundary changes while holding to open enrollment period timelines. She has truly been an asset to the LPS IT department. Thank you for all your hard, diligent, and innovative work, Carrie!

Another team that has had to flex this year has been our accounts payable staff. Brenda Alred, accounts payable lead, and Danette Fisher, accounts payable technician, have worked tirelessly to make sure LPS has not missed a single check run since the beginning of Covid. They’ve kept vendors and employees happy, they’ve been timely, and they’ve also kept up with the schools’ invoice submissions. They did all this while quickly moving to an electronic system for receiving invoices when so many staff members were working remotely. It became impossible to send in hard copies of paperwork and still meet deadlines. Brenda and Danette have worked all the bugs out of the electronic system over these past months, and now every network printer in the district is set up to scan directly to an email set up for accounts payable to receive invoice and payment paperwork. They’ve trained staff on all kinds of processes that are vital to keeping invoices and payments running smoothly, accurately, and with transparency. Thank you for the outstanding work, Brenda and Danette!