Letter from the Superintendent: Welcome Back

Dear Littleton Public Schools Families:

On behalf of the LPS Board of Education and all of us who work with and support your children, I want to welcome you back for another exciting school year! Our educators are the very best in Colorado. They have been engaged in learning of their own all summer, attending trainings, reviewing student growth and achievement data, and making plans to engage your students like never before in the classroom.  

Our Board of Education continues to guide our collective focus in ways that provide your children with the very best we have to offer:  

  • We are committed to making improvements to our system that help us provide equity and more opportunities for our students.
  • Weekly Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have provided additional time for teachers to meet the needs of the students they serve, and our students are already reaping the benefits.
  • Shifting school start times to better align with what research tells us is best for adolescents’ physical and emotional well being will be impactful, as well.
  • We continue to refine, explore and expand academically rigorous pathways aligned to Colorado Academic Standards and community standards with a focus on innovative teaching and learning.  

Throughout August, the LPS Board of Education will consider the findings of the Long Range Planning Committee around the current state of our facilities, program capacity, demographic changes and major capital equipment requirements in order to protect our community’s investment in its schools and to best preserve the legacy of educational excellence in LPS.

The Board will also engage in thoughtful conversations about the possibility of asking local voters to support a bond election this fall to make this vision for our students’ future a reality. We will keep you updated as these conversations continue.

There also is a statewide effort, formerly Initiative 93 and now Amendment 73, to ask Colorado voters to pass a ballot initiative to raise an additional $1.6 billion annual revenue for Colorado public schools, bringing them closer to the national average in school funding. Passage of Amendment 73 would mean an additional $23.1 million annually in LPS, which would help fund priorities related to early childhood education, adequate school staffing, career and technical education programming, security and mental health supports, and additional academic interventions. I encourage you to learn more about this statewide effort.

It is an exciting time to be in LPS, and it is my great honor to serve as your superintendent. LPS is family; there is no better place in which to learn and work. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to do our very best for our community’s children. They deserve it, and we simply cannot do this important work without you. We look forward to seeing you and your children soon.

Best wishes for an outstanding school year,

Brian Ewert