Driver Ed Resumes Driving Sessions with Safety Guidelines in Place

We are happy to announce that LPS Driver Education resumed driving sessions Wednesday, May 13 with the following guidelines to help protect both our students and driving instructors. 

Staff/Student Interactions

  • Students, staff and instructors will wear masks while in cars until state guidelines are lifted.
  • All students, staff and parents will adhere to social distancing guidelines for all of their interactions.
  • Students and staff will take their temperature with a forehead thermometer; anyone with a temperature above 100.3 will not be allowed to enter the vehicle.
  • All interactions able to be conducted curbside will be – check-in, introductions, issuing instructions and debriefing – and only students will be allowed entry into a vehicle or driver ed office.
  • Offices and classrooms will be cleaned daily. 
  • Time spent with two people in a car will be limited to the absolute minimum required. All the pre-briefing, questions, explanations, etc. will take place outside the car and at least 6 feet apart.
  • Cars will be cleaned and sanitized between students.  
  • Written tests can be done in the Driver Education office by appointment only and with a mask.

30 hours of classroom training are available via virtual classroom (live) or online (self-paced). Please see the Driver Ed website for more information.

Since we will be very busy trying to get all students scheduled for behind the wheel training, please wait to hear from your instructor to reschedule cancelled appointments. We will do our very best to get everybody scheduled in a timely manner.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support of Littleton Public Schools and the Driver Education program.


A letter from the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles allowing Driver Ed to resume

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