District Spelling Bee at Powell Middle School

Congratulations to the following District Spelling Bee Champion and runners-up who won at the District Spelling Bee on February 20th at Powell Middle School. They will be going on to compete at the State Spelling Bee on March 16th at the University of Denver.

District Spelling Bee Champion: David Pera - Euclid Middle School


  • Davey Aguilera - Euclid Middle School
  • Ellianna Adams - Littleton Prep
  • Greyson Beattie - Littleton Prep
  • Mason Mitchell - Franklin Elementary School
  • Devon Quarles - Lenski Elementary School

Thank you to all of the students and parents for their support, the GT Facilitators/Spelling Bee coaches for helping with this activity, and Darcy Johnson, Patti Turner and Alison Pukurdpol for serving as judges.

A special thank you to Steve Wolf, Principal at Powell Middle, and his staff for their assistance with making this event a success but also for quickly and efficiently working out the details after the Bee was canceled earlier in the month due to inclement weather.

A great thank you goes to Dr. Amy Oaks, Principal at Littleton High School, for once again serving as the Pronouncer for the Bee. Best wishes to these students as they go on to represent LPS at the State Spelling Bee on March 16th.

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