3rd Annual Nutrition Services Gingerbread House Contest

The 3rd Annual Nutrition Services Gingerbread House Contest was judged December 8 in the ESC cafeteria. Kitchen staffs from across the district were encouraged to enter the contest to showcase their decorative skills. Entries started from a basic gingerbread kit provided by Nutrition Services, and the final designs included everything from a double-decker riverboat to a wholesome lunch food tray design. While creativity was obviously encouraged, the only design caveat was the final product did need to be edible in its completed form.

Judging the entries were Superintendent Brian Ewert, Director of Communications Diane Leiker and Deputy Superintendent Connie Bouwman from the ESC. First place was a tie between Field Elementary (Tami Wasson and staff) and Franklin Elementary (Mary Ann Walford and staff), with second place going to Newton Middle School (Lena Andrews and staff).

By winning first place, the Field and Franklin kitchen staffs will enjoy a catered lunch from Nutrition Services while the NS staff serves that day’s school lunch to the students. The finished gingerbread entries will remain on display in the ESC cafeteria until they are returned to their respective schools. On December 12, the LPS Holiday Meal will be served at all schools, and any student buying lunch that day will be eligible to enter their school’s raffle for a gingerbread kit of their own.

Sharing First Place were entries (l-r) from Field Elementary (Tami Wasson) and Franklin Elementary (Mary Ann Walford).

Detail from the Field gingerbread entry


Featured Image: LPS Deputy Superintendent Connie Bouwman judges the Field Elementary gingerbread entry, with Nutrition Services Director Jessica Gould taking notes in the background.