2019 LPS District Chess Tournament

With more than 100 student chess players in attendance, the annual LPS District Chess Tournament was held Saturday, December 7th at Newton Middle School. Students in grades K-8 played 5 rounds over the course of the competition and the following students were First Place Winners:

Kindergarten Highest Scorer - Callum Lush / Littleton Academy

Kindergarten/First Grade Group - Anderson (AJ) Barber / Wilder Elementary

Second Grade Group - Shankar Parasuram / Littleton Academy

Third Grade Group - Sam Diederichs / Moody Elementary

Fourth Grade Group - Caden Luther / Runyon Elementary

Fifth Grade Group - Aiden Sam Sweetman / Lenski Elementary

Sixth to Eighth Grade Group - Ananthajit Parasuram / Littleton Academy

A big thank you goes to all who helped support the tournament, especially to the Newton Middle School teachers - Nancy Copher, Alison Pukurdpol, Jim Hammersmith (our tournament director) and Jim's team.  And a special thanks goes to Newton Middle School Principal James O'Tremba, Denise Rice, Kevin Wood, Oscar Camareno and Danny MIller (custodians) for hosting the competition and providing all the support needed to make this such a successful event!