What is Innovation?

LPS defines Innovation as a way of thinking that creates something new, better. This definition creates a focus on both the process of student thinking and the application of thinking via the creation of a product or process. 

At its essence, innovation is about using empathy to solve problems or overcome challenges in a way that achieves value for the people facing the problem or challenge.

The Innovation Committee that met during the spring of 2018 created the following vision statement to help our system embrace a culture of innovation for adults and students.

Littleton Public Schools will create the physical and intellectual space for innovation, where there is:

  • Time, opportunity and the expectation to create
  • Energy to explore passions and the unknown
  • A supportive culture where risk taking is encouraged and celebrated, and relationships are cultivated
  • Permission to learn and demonstrate learning in different ways

View this five-minute Ted Talk to get a more concrete understanding of innovation in the real world.