Wellness Committee (WC)

The Wellness Committee advises the district on recommended policies, practices, and programs that support and improve the overall health of the school community. This includes monitoring the district School Wellness Policy that includes goals for nutrition education, physical activity, school activities, and nutrition standards for all foods available on each school campus. The committee has membership comprised of parents, students, community members, the school board, school administrators, and teachers.

Vision Statement
Optimal wellness for students, school, and community

Mission Statement
To develop, communicate, and support recommended policies, practices, and programs that result in an environment of overall health and excellence in education for the entire school community.

Foundations & Basic Commitments

Committee Membership

Brian Regan, LPS Director of Benefits

Jessica Gould, Director, Nutrition Services

Angela Christiansen, LPS BOE

Leslie Levine, Arapahe County Health

Jessica Slattery, Principal Lenski Elementary

Lisa Mehlbrech, Parent

Erika Haraguchi, Parent

Margaret Wilson,  Parent

Misty Fritz, Hearing & Vision Tech Para

Sue Chandler, Community Member

Cathleen Petrovich, Parent

Emily Gustafson, Administrative Assistant, Nutrition Services