LPS Strategic Plan

Representing Community Interests

In the spring of 2022, the LPS Board of Education participated in a strategic planning retreat to...

  • Develop an understanding of the values, beliefs and history of LPS
  • Develop a deeper awareness of the current work priorities, and needs of the district
  • Engage in dialogue needed to establish strategies and priorities for LPS for the next year and beyond.

As a result, the Board identified five main strategic priorities and six additional priorities. All priorities tie directly to the Board's Focus Areas, which were created and updated by previous LPS Boards of Education over time.

The LPS 100% Goal

100% of LPS students will be prepared for meaningful post-secondary opportunities.

Board Priority #1

Professional Learning Communities and Multi-tiered Systems of Support Including Equity
Focus Areas 3 & 9

Key Work Includes:

  • Theory of Action, Phase II
  • Focus on and clarity of Tier One Instruction
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Committee work, program analysis, common documentation
  • District equity team
  • Culturally Responsive Instructional Practices
  • Unified Improvement Plans informed by equity lens and data
  • Work with University of Virginia
  • East Community Center Development
  • Portrait of an LPS Graduate: Next Steps
  • Co-Teaching for English Language Development and special Education
  • Dyslexia universal screening
  • Summer programming
  • Standards-based middle school learning and teaching


Board Priority #3

Structure of School - More Time (Longer Year and/or School Day, Smaller Class Sizes)
Focus Areas 4 & 6

Key Work Includes:

  • Weighted staffing formula changes at the elementary level to include risk factors and lower class size at K-2
  • Middle school staffing formula changes to support the middle school model and include instructional coaching
  • High school staffing formula changes to include instructional coaching
  • Universal preschool
  • EPIC Campus programming and calendar
  • After school activity buses
  • Equitable access to programming
  • Teaching and learning must change in order to prepare students for the future

Board Priority #5

Long Range Planning (Facilities, Properties, Etc.)
Focus Area 6

Key Work Includes:

  • Open Gaskill Elementary 8/22
  • Open new stadium spring/23
  • Open Little Raven Elementary 8/23
  • Open EPIC Campus 8/23
  • Open The Village Preschool at Highland 8/23
  • Celebrate bond milestones with the community
  • East Community Center development
  • ADA Improvements
  • Explore electric infrastructure
  • Debt free schools mill levy
  • Facilities assessment
  • Stand up the Long Range Planning Committee
  • Community discussions regarding next phase of the 50-year plan to replace aging schools with new ones
  • Minimize impacts of labor shortages, increased costs and supply chain issues


Core Beliefs

  1. A Littleton Public Schools education prepares all students to succeed in a global society.
  2. Every student is unique and has different abilities, needs, and learning styles that require varying
    educational techniques and strategies.
  3. Students learn best when their passions and talents are coupled with high expectations and academic rigor in a safe and caring environment.
  4. A quality educational environment requires exceptional teachers, administrators, and staff supported by effective professional development, competitive compensation, and personnel practices that attract and retain the best staff.
  5. The foundation for education and citizenship is built upon communication and connections with the community, including the active participation of students, staff, and parents.
  6. A comprehensive education provides students with varied learning opportunities that include curricular and extra-curricular offerings.
  7. Meaningful and appropriate evaluation of student learning occurs through timely and ongoing analysis of student performance on a variety of assessments.
  8. Effective use of technology as an instructional tool enables students to successfully communicate, learn, and compete in a global environment.
  9. An LPS education enables students to think critically, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and act with integrity.
  10. Students learn best when there are collaborative partnerships that foster thoughtful and relevant learning innovations between school and district leadership.
  11. A strong, flexible, and fiscally responsible school district that is adequately funded is critical for long-term success and community confidence; for maintaining strong partnerships with local, state, and national elected officials and neighboring agencies; and for engaging in, shaping, and influencing public policy that affects education services in LPS.

Board Priority #2

Mental Health and Behavior Support Including Student and Staff Wellness 
Focus Areas 7 & 10

Key Work Includes:

  • MTSS development for social, emotional and behavioral
  • Connecting the findings of the Social Worlds and Youth Well Being study for staff and students
  • Standardizing social emotional learning and mental health education
  • SPEAK youth mental health advisory group
  • AWARE Grant Work
  • Multi-year plan to improve mental health staffing ratios across the district
  • Suicide prevention training for all staff, fall 2022
  • Staff wellness supports and activities
  • Nova Program integration
  • Special education affective needs programming review and development

Board Priority #4

Stay Competitive with Compensation
Focus Area 4

Key Work Includes:

  • Market analysis and adjustments
  • Salary schedule study committee between the LEA and district
  • Review salary setting protocol upon the time of hire
  • EPIC Adjunct Instructor salary schedule
  • Review of administrative salary schedule
  • Hiring a diverse workforce that better reflects our students and families

Additional Board Priorities

  • Continued innovation and encouragement of staff creativity
  • Stability – honoring prior commitments
  • Maintaining effective teaching and learning and curriculum implementation
  • Community engagement and partnership; Communication, promotion, and brand identity
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Maintaining LPS presence and leadership at the state level


Focus Areas

  1. Enhance instructional systems and career pathways that maximize achievement for all students and integrate knowledge and skills relevant to 21st century career choices.
  2. Expand utilization of instructional technology with appropriate use for student achievement while providing the infrastructure for organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Provide an educational and work environment that supports professional learning and collaborative work for all staff.
  4. Promote, sustain, and create quality programs that make Littleton Public Schools the uniquely preferred choice for families inside and outside the District.
  5. Engage the community and parents as active partners in the objectives, activities, and performance of the school district and its students.
  6. Optimize the use of District resources and facilities to meet student learning needs while operating the District efficiently.
  7. Promote and provide a safe environment that fosters caring, respect, and compassion for others.
  8. Enhance and support quality early childhood and childcare programs.
  9. Educate and support staff, parents, and community to address equity through innovation, including student-centered learning, and by providing access and opportunity for all students.
  10. Partner with parents and community to expand and enhance programs that address the physical, social, and emotional well-being of students, families, and staff.

Mission and Vision

Vision Statement
Littleton Public Schools: Extraordinary learning, exceptional community, expanded opportunity and success for all students.

Mission Statement 
The Littleton Public School District shall strive to educate all students for the future by challenging every individual to continuously learn, achieve, and act with purpose and compassion in a safe and secure environment.