LPS Receives Grant from State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program

Thanks to our valuable partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security and the State government, we stay on top of opportunities for grants that can benefit us. In fact, we're thrilled to share that in May 2023, we applied for the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP), and we're proud to announce that we were selected as one of the grant recipients this August.

What does this mean for LPS? Well, it's pretty exciting:

Boosted Cybersecurity: We'll be getting our hands on some cutting-edge technology that will help us spot and tackle any cyber threats that might come our way.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring: Our computer systems will now be under the vigilant watch of a top-notch Security Operations Center, manned by experienced cybersecurity professionals. They're staffed 24/7, and on average, they can respond to incidents in under 10 minutes, no matter the time of day.

Peace of Mind: LPS is covered with a warranty that takes care of up to $1 million in expenses if we ever face a security incident. LPS cybersecurity is a top priority!

In a nutshell, this grant is a game-changer for us, and we're all about keeping your data safe and sound.