Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

District MAP Summary
Spring 2017 to Spring 2018

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is a computer adaptive assessment program that measures individual student grade level performance. LPS students in grades 9–10 took the reading and math assessment at the end of the year. This table shows aggregated spring performance by grade level for two years. Individual student growth is calculated from one spring assessment to the next. Educators use the formative growth and achievement data throughout the year to develop targeted instructional strategies and to plan school improvement.  MAP test results are reported immediately after completing each test and help educators make student-focused, data-informed decisions. 




  Spring 2017 Spring 2018
  Median RIT PR Median RIT PR
9th Grade 231 72 233 75
10th Grade 232 74 233 75



  Spring 2017 Spring 2018
  Median RIT PR Median RIT PR
9th Grade 245 73 247 76
10th Grade 249 78 250 80


Grade Level Median RIT - The test score with an equal number of scores above and below; the middle score for the grade level. The RIT scale is an equal-interval scale much like centimeters on a ruler and is used to chart student academic growth from year to year.

Percentile Rank (PR) - Shows the percentage of students in the national sample with scores lower than the typical LPS student.