Our team is responsible for framing and bringing a greater understanding to the issues that affect our schools, students, employees, parents, and the larger LPS community. We also strive to harness support for our schools through greater awareness of its successes and its challenges. 

We provide counsel to district and school-level staff in the development of their communications activities. We have close relationships with our city partners and other metro-area school districts. We assist realtors and families new to our community in finding the best educational opportunities available for their children. We inform the larger Littleton Public Schools community of special events. We also assist print and broadcast journalists in their requests for information about Littleton Public Schools.

We communicate to employees, parents, taxpayers, and the greater community in ways that fit their lifestyles: through face-to-face communications, a number of advisory committees, the Littleton Public Schools website, direct mail, email, phone, social media, Tele Town Halls, and local newspapers.

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Diane Leiker
Chief Communications Officer
Sharlyn Metsker
Web Coordinator
Nicole Moyer
Communications Manager
Kathryn Allbright
Marketing and Creative Designer
Communications Department

Protocols for members of the news media/press 

The Board of Education recognizes that an open and transparent relationship with the news media can facilitate positive communication with the community. It is also imperative that the best interests of students and staff take priority and that the educational experience is not disrupted.

The following protocols provide guidance:

  • Members of the news media shall follow district protocol and work directly with the LPS communications office. Communications staff will coordinate with principals and other district leaders to arrange for media visits, interviews, etc.
  • Media representatives are guests on school/district property and must have the principal’s/district leadership’s permission to be on school/district property, in accordance with Board policy KI. 
  • Students shall not be interviewed, photographed, or videotaped by media representatives while on school/district property without parental consent.
  • In accordance with Colorado state law, principals/school leaders or their designees may require that media representatives leave school/district property if it is determined that their presence could interfere with any school functions.