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You can be a CDL Bus Driver

  • We provide the training to get your CDL —some companies charge upwards of $3000 to get your CDL
  • We also provide you with 4-6 weeks of training to learn all you need to know to be a safe and successful driver. This includes CPR/FA.
  • Split schedule that allows you mid-day flexibility; typical hours are 6:00-9:00/2:00p-5:00p
  • Drive field trips and mid-days if you WANT TO….optional
    • Get into the zoo and museums for FREE when you drive students to these activities
    • Watch our students play in various sports
  • Weekends off, paid holidays, and breaks throughout the year including the summer!
  • Full-time health benefits are paid when you work as little as 20 hours per week.
  • This is a very independent job if you enjoy being outdoors and working out of a mobile office.
  • You can bring your LPS students to work with you.

You can be a Non-CDL Bus Driver

  • Most of the same benefits and schedule as a CDL driver without the CDL.
  • Drive one of our smaller buses that transport 14 passengers or less.

You can be a Para-Professional

  • Provide our students who require additional attention and support on their bus rides.
  • This is a very rewarding job as this role helps ensure a safe ride for our students and is a vital service for our district.
  • The hours are similar to the bus drivers and so are the benefits at 20+ hours a week.

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