Technology & Engineering

Technology, Computer Science, Engineering Education

Are you interested in a career in Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Manufacturing, Digital Video, Robotics, or Webpage Design?  Do you enjoy designing and building things?  Would you like to know more about how to take a remarkable photograph?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Technology, Computer Science, and Engineering Education class would be right for you!

Technology Studies – In this class, students can choose what topics they want to study.  Math, science, design and engineering principles are emphasized where appropriate in each module.  Topics include:

·        Architecture- Design single family homes and commercial buildings.

·        Computer Aided Design (CAD)-Design mechanical parts and create them on a rapid-prototyping machine.

·        Digital Video- Design and edit digital video to create a commercial or promotional video.

·        Graphic Design- Design promotional products using graphic design software.

·        Manufacturing- Design and manufacture mechanical parts using a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) lathe and mill.

·        Robotics- Program robots and automated devices

·        Webpage Design- Create a webpage.

Computer Science Path- The computer science pathway includes Mobile App Development, Game Development, Processing - Web Design, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, and Data Structures or Independent Study. 

Design Projects – This class will design and build up to three projects per semester.  Projects may include Bridges, CO2 Racecars, Aeroracers, Towers, Package Design, and more.  Students will learn and apply math, science, and engineering principles to their design.  Each semester builds a different set of projects.

Woods–Students will have an opportunity to use light and heavy woodworking machines and a lathe to produce several projects.  Students will construct either a small jewelry box or a mantle clock and several turning projects.

Digital Photography – Students learn the basic photography operations of a digital camera. They will also learn how to improve, enhance and edit their photos using Adobe Photoshop.

Engineering- This class rounds out the STEM curriculum. Engineering students will study the Engineering Design process while creating/designing several projects.