Natalie Pramenko, Principal



Administrative Assistant:  Amanda Clark 303.347.6023



Natalie has been a public educator for 28 years. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno where she earned her bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. Natalie was a high school science teacher for 10 years (biology, chemistry, and anatomy/physiology) prior to entering the world of high school administration. She served as an assistant principal for 12 years (8 here at Arapahoe) before becoming the principal in 2012-2013. In addition to teaching and administration, Natalie has spent the last 28 years working with student athletes coaching the sport of cheerleading, where her Colorado teams earned 4 state championships, as well as 2 runner-up titles.

Outside of Arapahoe, Natalie enjoys spending it with her family. She and her husband of twenty years, Patrick, have two children, Mollie (14) and Ryan (10) who attend Arapahoe High School and Lenski Elementary School, respectively.  

While Natalie has a broad range of administrative experience, the majority of her time has been spent in curriculum and instruction, teacher performance evaluation, instructional budgeting and student discipline and attendance. She enjoys people, and places strong value on the many positive relationships she has developed with her faculty, staff, students and parents at Arapahoe High School. Natalie values the LPS community, and is extremely proud to be the principal of Arapahoe High School.

Angela Boatright, Assistant Principal



Administrative Assistant:  Sharon Westerman 303.347.6025



Graduated from Colorado College with a bachelor's in history; received a master's degree in Educational Counseling from the University of Phoenix in 2004; earned an Educational Special degree in leadership from the University of Colorado Denver in 2009. Taught American History and AVID for twelve years and was a dean for three years at Eaglecrest High School in Cherry Creek from 1999-2014.

Administrative Responsibilities

Grade 9 (Class of 2021): Includes: Attendance, Discipline, IEPs, 504s, Student Reviews/Interventions, Health Care Action Plans, Academic Watch, Credit Recovery

  • Departments: Math/Social Studies

  • Field Trips (Liaison Departments)

  • Teacher Duties (Hall, Lunch, Study Center)

  • Grade Transition (8th to 9th)

  • Single Gender (Natalie)

  • Curriculum & Instruction

  • Master Schedule

    • Pathfinder

    • Course Registration (Grades 9-12)

    • Freshman Registration Night

  • School Accountability Committee (SAC)

  • Freshman Showcase

  • Infinite Campus

  • Technology/Personnel/Connected Learners

  • Staff Development

    • Professional Learning Communities

    • Mentors/New Teacher Induction

  • Grade Reports (Mail Semester Grades Home)

  • Instructional Calendar

  • Department Chair Council

  • Back to School Night

  • Student Teachers/Practicum Students

  • Sound System

  • Unified Improvement (UIP)

  • PSAT/State SAT

  • Gifted/Talented

  • Teacher of the Year

  • ICAP

Brian Ceriani, Assistant Principal



Brian moved to Colorado from New Jersey in 1999. He and his wife were looking for an "adventure" after they graduated from Rowan University. Sixteen years and two kids later (as well as both entire families moving out) I think they are here to stay. Brian left a career in law enforcement to begin his career in education. He received his MS in Counseling and his MA in School Administration from the University of Phoenix. Brian has worked as a substitute teacher, counselor and middle school assistant principal. Brian loves the Colorado lifestyle but still misses the food and culture of New Jersey (as well as the Yankees and Jets).

Administrative Responsibilities

Grade 12 (Class of 2018): Includes: Attendance, Discipline, IEPs, 504s, Student Reviews/Interventions, Health Care Action Plans, Academic Watch, Credit Recovery

  • Departments: Learning Support Services/Guidance/Science
  • Field Trips (Liaison Departments)
  • Building Operations
    • Custodians Supervision
    • Maintenance/Painting
    • Work Requests
    • Campus Appearance
  • School Safety & Security
    • Campus Supervisors
    • SRO Liaison
    • Safe2Tell
    • Drills (lockdown/fire/tornado/evacuations)
  • Parking-Student/Staff
  • Food Service
  • August Schedule Pick-up
  • Student/Staff ID Cards & Keys
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • After-Prom
  • Bus Transportation Liaison
  • Freshman Showcase
  • Graduation (Senior Class Meeting)
  • Alternative Education
    • Options
    • Voyager
    • PLATO
  • Sound System

Cory Hawk, Assistant Principal



Administrative Assistant:  Rocky Railey 303.347.6095


Cory grew up in Nebraska and moved to Colorado to attend college at CU Boulder where he earned a Psychology degree. After stints in various sales jobs in California and in the restaurant business back in Colorado, Cory went back to school at CU Denver and earned his MA in Curriculum and Instruction. This year he is entering his 21st year in education. He was a high school social studies teacher and coach for 18 years, most recently for 14 years at Chaparral High School in Parker. Over his teaching career he taught US History, Geography, Ancient Civilizations, Economics, Civics, Psychology and AP Psychology. He has also coached  basketball, softball, cross country and track. In addition to teaching and coaching, Cory served as the Athletic Director/Assistant Principal at Englewood High School for one year.

Administrative Responsibilities

Grade 10 (Class of 2020) Includes: Attendance, Discipline, IEPs, 504s,Student Reviews/Interventions, Health Care Action Plans, Academic Watch, Credit Recovery

  • Departments: CTE (Tech Ed/Business)/Consumer Family/Language Arts/Performing Arts

  • Field Trips (Liaison Departments/Student Activities)

  • Assessment: CMAS 11, PSAT 9, PSAT 10, MAP, ACCESS

  • Attendance Office

  • State and District Reports

    • October Count

    • Discipline Reports

  • Study Center

  • Staff Handbook

  • Substitute Teachers

  • Non-Athletic Bulletin Boards & Display Cases

  • Summer Warrior Orientation

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Digital Signage/Marquee/Lunchtime Announcements

  • Student Activities

    • Activities Budget

    • Class Sponsors & Class Activities

    • Student Council

    • Clubs, Sponsors & Club Café

    • Pep Assemblies (Homecoming/Winter/Spring)

    • Special Activities

    • Homecoming

    • Warrior Week

    • School Dances

      • Back-to-School Dance

      • Homecoming

      • Winter Dance

      • Prom

    • Toys for Tots–Holiday Gifts, Clerical Staff

  • August Class Meetings-Logistics

  • Freshman Showcase

  • Veterans’ Week-Coordinate with Social Studies

  • Adventures in Performing Arts (Welcome/Dismissal)

Patrick McCabe, Assistant Principal


Administrative Assistant:  Janelle Weems 303.347.6021


Pat has been a public educator for 25 years. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Middle School Education. Pat started his teaching career as an elementary and middle school teacher in Lake County and Littleton School Districts. He then taught high school social studies at Lakewood High School. All-told, Pat taught for seventeen years prior to shifting his career to high school administration. In addition to a seventeen year basketball coaching career, Pat has had stints coaching football, tennis, volleyball, track, and soccer.

Administrative Responsibilities

Grade 11 (Class of 2019): Includes: Attendance, Discipline, IEPs, 504s, Student Reviews/Interventions, Health Care Action Plans, Academic Watch, Credit Recovery

  • Departments: Library, PE, World Language
  • Field Trips (Liaison Departments)
  • Athletics
    • Athletic Code of Conduct
    • Coaches/Trainer/Impact Testing
    • Coaches’ Evaluations
    • Athletic Budget
    • Concessions
    • Scheduling
    • Event Supervision
    • Transportation
    • Eligibility
    • Booster Clubs
    • Pep Assemblies: Homecoming/Winter/Spring
    • Athletic Parents’ Night
    • Athletic Facility Usage
    • Banquets
    • Athletic Trophy Cases
    • Coaches’ Luncheon
    • Captains’ Breakfasts
    • Executive Booster Club
    • NCAA Signing Days/Compliance Orientation
    • CHSAA Liaison
  • Freshman Showcase
  • AHS Calendar Events
  • Building Facility Usage
  • Fun in the Sun Day (Seniors’ Last Day)
  • Staff Cookout
  • Sound System

All Administrators Share Responsibility For:

  • Staff Evaluations & Supervision
  • Event Supervision
  • Public Relations/Press Releases/Newsletter/Twitter
  • Lunch Supervision
  • School Safety & Security Support
  • Facility/Cleanliness & Maintenance
  • Visibility/Accessibility