Technology Support

District Chromebooks

AHS Students are expected to bring a charged, functioning laptop to school each day, whether it’s a personal device or a District-issued Chromebook.


District Chromebooks may be checked out to students for their use during the school year.  Please visit the LPS 1:1 Initiative and AHS Chromebook FAQ links below for more information.

LPS 1:1 Initiative

District Chromebook FAQ

AHS does have daily checkout laptops which students can checkout in the Library.  These laptops are checked out only for the day and need to be returned to the Library at the close of the day.

Students will have an LPS folder in Google Chrome in the Bookmarks Bar after syncing in their Google account.  Inside this LPS folder several important District sites are bookmarked for students.  These sites include, but are not limited to, the District Website, Infinite Campus, Library, and Google Classroom. Students are encouraged to add bookmarks for the sites they regularly need.


Printing from District Chromebooks is not allowed; however, there are four computers in the AHS Library which will allow students to print.

Technology Tips

  • When connecting wirelessly at AHS, students should always connect to the LPS-PODNet-1 network.
  • Always securely store your laptop in a case or a backpack.  If the laptop is stored in a backpack, please take care to not throw the backpack or drop it to the ground.  Oftentimes laptop screens become cracked when a backpack is thrown or dropped.
  • When using a shared school computer, students are expected to take care when signing in and syncing in their Google account.  Please remember to always sign out of your account and remove your Google email address from the account list on all shared devices.
  • Please make sure to back up your files.  Technology can fail so it’s very important to back up your files.  Google Drive is available for all students to use for backup purposes.  An external drive may also be purchased by the student and used for backup.

Contact Info

John Neel
Computer Tech Support
Hours:  7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Office in the AHS Library