Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FACS) offers practical arts and elective credits specifically in the area of the Culinary Arts.  The Culinary Essentials I and Culinary Pathways courses are designed to prepare students for family life, work life, and careers in the culinary arts. The courses are hands on, lab based and provide opportunities to develop the knowledge, and skills needed to prepare delicious dishes and meals, develop meal plans, understand and apply up-to-date nutritional practices, and learn about the career opportunities available in the foodservice industry.  

For further enrichment students can also join Future Community and Career Leaders of America,FCCLA/Culinary Club. Our focus is on the Culinary Arts area of leadership, and competition and food preparation techniques.

Courses are all one semester and offered both Fall and Spring:

Culinary Essentials I Grades: 9-12  2 credit course meeting  Practical Arts/ elective requirements.

Culinary Pathways: Grades: 9-12    4 credits meeting  Practical Arts/elective requirements.  This course does not have a prerequisite but Culinary Essentials I is recommended.  

Course Offerings

Culinary Essentials 1
Culinary Pathways