Social Studies

The Arapahoe Social Studies department prides itself on providing a wide range of class offerings to pique the interests of our students. In addition to the requirements of U.S. History, World Civilizations and Geography, Western Civilization, Economics, and Government, we also offer many Advanced  Placement options and many powerful electives. Through a variety of courses, students gain historical, economic, political, intellectual, and social perspective and understanding of their world and the worlds of others in order to prepare them as citizens.

Course Offerings

American Government 
American.History Through Music
AP American Government and Politics
AP Economics
AP Human Geography
AP Psychology
AP U.S. History
Colorado History
Comparative World Religions
Current Events
Film Study Humanities: Defining Humanity
Film Study Humanities: Social Change
Integrated U.S. History/English 9
International Relations
Introduction to Human Behavior
Law (Criminal Law)
Senior Seminar: Examining Your World From Outside of the Box
Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights
The History of the Automobile in American Culture
U.S. History
U.S. History Honors
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
World Geography & Civilizations