Welcome to Arapahoe High School!


Thank you for choosing to attend one of the finest high schools in America.  Arapahoe is a comprehensive, college preparatory school that is committed to the goal of preparing 100% of our Warriors for meaningful post-secondary opportunities.  More than 93% of our graduates continue their education at the college/university/trade school level.  We offer our students many opportunities as 21st century learners.  Arapahoe has an outstanding teaching faculty that values academic rigor, and believes that all students can learn at a higher level.  21st Century technology is embedded in classroom instruction, and our Warrior culture provides our students with a tremendous amount of support and encouragement.  School spirit is alive and well at Arapahoe, as can be seen through high student involvement and success in our athletics, activities, and academics.

Arapahoe High School is well known for its long-standing and proud tradition of excellence in every facet of student life.  We maintain high academic and behavioral expectations for all members of our student body, while not losing focus on the individual student.  Our students enjoy the privilege of an open campus, which reinforces the expectation of student responsibility.

Arapahoe High School utilizes a block schedule. This schedule maximizes student contact time with teachers while allowing for multiple opportunities to take elective classes to pursue personal interests. Electives are offered in both semester-long and quarter-long formats. All students are also encouraged to allow for two unscheduled hours each week. This time should be spent meeting with teachers, visiting our state-of-the-art media center to either receive tutoring or get a jump on homework, or visiting with friends in the cafeteria. Unscheduled hours are also a great time to make appointments outside of school when needed. We believe teenagers need to become self-disciplined, independent thinkers who take ownership of their learning.  We offer a great deal of teacher assistance, system-wide academic interventions, and  individualization.  

Arapahoe has been recognized by the State of Colorado as a John Irwin School.  This award is given to schools that demonstrate excellent academic achievement.  On the School Performance Framework that is used by the CDE to evaluate schools, John Irwin schools exceed expectations on academic achievement.  Arapahoe has also been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School.  

AHS is one of the few public high schools in America that has a unique relationship with the Native American.  The Arapaho Tribal Nation has endorsed not only the name of our high school, but also the Warrior Mascot and Logo.  Native American visitors can often be seen in our school interacting with students and staff and teaching classes, as well as celebrating the renewal of our relationship.  We are very proud of our authentic “Warrior Spirit” as we participate and compete with the top high schools in Colorado in athletics, activities, performing arts, visual arts, and academics.  

Wonderful teenagers attend Arapahoe High School, and it is proven through consistent quality performances in all areas as well as our excellent Advanced Placement, ACT, SAT, and PSAT scores (resulting in several National Merit Scholars each year).  All teachers at Arapahoe have subject expertise and hold degrees in the discipline in which they teach and they love working with teenagers!

If after exploring this site you still have questions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 303-347-6000.


Natalie Pramenko