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New to AHS

Welcome to AHS! Any time you start at a new school, whether it's moving from middle to high school as a 9th grader, or changing during your high school career, it can be tough. There's a new building to learn, new rules and regulations, and getting to know new friends and new teachers. This page is designed to help you with some of the basics of what you'll need to get started on the right foot.

1. Technology 

a) All students are expected to bring a fully-charged laptop computer with them each and every day. Some students bring their own while others use one of the school issued Chromebooks. District Chromebooks may be checked out to students for their use during the school year.  Parents must consent to their students checking out an LPS Chromebook.  Please visit LPS 1:1 Initiative and download the Responsibility Use Policy.  The last page of the Policy must be signed and returned to AHS.  Parents can also give their consent electronically during the registration process.  Please review the AHS Chromebook FAQ for more information. Please see the Library Staff if you need a Chromebook.

b) Cybersafety: Lots of resources on how to stay safe and secure online.

c) You'll be needing to check your school email regularly. We would prefer that you login to your school email and check it that way (you can easily have it come to your phone, your laptop, or both), but you can also setup your school email to automatically forward to another email account if you wish.

2. Counseling Department

​a) Each student is assigned a counselor based on their last name.  The breakdown is as follows:

    Mr. Lewis                    A-C
    Ms. McKee                 D-Go
    Mrs. McCarthy          Gr-Lo
    Mr. Baker                   Lu-Ng
    Mrs. Rivera                Ni-Sh
    Mr. Wadsworth          Si-Z

b) ​If you would like to schedule an appointment with your counselor, please come to the Counseling office and ask one of our secretaries to schedule a time with you during one of your off-hours.

c) Please check the Counseling website for additional resources and contact information.

3. ​Scheduling

a) Many students ask how they know which lunch they have. Lunch is during 5th or 6th hour and is divided into first and second lunch. Your class dictates what lunch you have:

        First Lunch: LSS, Math, PE, Science, Tech/Computer Science, World Languages

      Second Lunch: Business, Culinary, Language Arts, Performing Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts

    For example, if you have Algebra I during either 5th or 6th hour, you have first lunch. If you have US History during 5th, or 6th hour, you have second lunch.

b) Arapahoe High School is on a block schedule and utilizes the AHS Black and Gold Calendar. Black days (Monday/Thursday) are odd periods, Gold days (Tuesday and Friday) are even periods. Wednesdays alternate black and gold.

c) All students must maintain 6 classes per quarter to be considered a full time student.

d) Study Center is a resource available for our students for additional support and is offered every period throughout the school day. Students may attend Study Center on a drop-in basis or have the option of signing up to earn elective credit.        Students interested in adding Study Center to an off-hour should see their counselor. Please note that Study Center does not count toward the minimum number of credits students must enroll in each semester.

e) Littleton Public Schools has partnered with neighboring school districts to offer Career and Technical Education courses. Please visit the LPS Career and Technical Education page for more information.

f) Swimming is a graduation requirement in Littleton Public Schools. See this document (pdf) for more information.