The math teachers at Arapahoe High School are dedicated to helping students reach their full mathematical potential as well as sharing their love of math mathematics with their students. Our talented teachers are friendly and approachable while maintaining high expectations for our students.

The math department offers classes for all levels of high school students from Pre-Algebra through Calculus III. These courses include AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Statistics, Probability and Statistics, and many of our courses offer concurrent college/high school credit. For interested students, the math department also offers a number of mathematics competitions throughout the school year.

The variable schedule at AHS allows students to meet with teachers outside of class on unscheduled time to clarify concepts and ask questions. The teachers in the math department are very willing to help students in classes other than their own if the student’s teacher is not available. AHS also has an Academic Support Center available where students can receive peer tutoring and extra help from teachers any hour of any school day. Math classes can be difficult, but there is help available for students if needed.

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Course Offerings

Algebra Extended I/II and III/IV 
Algebra I 
Algebra II 
Algebra II Honors 
AP Calculus AB 
AP Calculus BC 
AP Statistics 
Calculus (Honors) 
Calculus III 
Finite Mathematics 
Geometry / Geometry (Honors) 
Introduction to Statistics (MAT 135) 
Trigonometry (Honors)