Welcome Warriors! You BELONG Here! 

Warriors Go Beyond the Classroom 

"What made school better for me? My friends in my clubs."--Noah, 12th grade

"Clubs at AHS are hype. You can chill after school with your friends and make a difference at the same time." --Bella, 11th grade



Arapahoe High School Activities

"I just wanted to start a club one day and I did. I became this confident leader type of kid when before, I preferred to kind of hide. My club is my life!" -- Anna, 11th grade

Arapahoe High School’s reputation is built on our high academic standards and student involvement in Athletics and Activities. Students can find opportunities to explore their interests, contribute to the community, pursue their passions, and become leaders within the student body.  Studies continue to show that extra-curricular involvement creates positive relationships and contributes directly to success in postsecondary opportunities. I look forward to working with you and please contact me with any questions.

Abby Kuhlmann (Activities Director) / Alicia Peterson (Admin. Asst)
303-347-6013 / 303-347-6095

Starting a Club

Full List of AHS Clubs 2023/2024

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Board Policies Impacting Clubs at AHS 

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I love my job because I get to see kids from all walks of our school find community and pursue their passions. From the arts to the competitions, from the after-school groups to the club fields, I’m extremely proud of the robust offerings we have for our Warriors. You always belong here. 

Abby Kuhlmann
Activities Director/Asst. Principal

Working in activities is a huge passion of mine. From my own high school experience, I found a sense of belonging. That can happen for you as well. It may be joining a club with friends, jumping into something new or creating your own club. Whatever it is, you will build relationships that can last a lifetime. 

Alicia Peterson
Activities Administrative Asst.