Arapahoe High School Activities

Arapahoe High School’s reputation is built on our high academic standards as well as our high expectations for student involvement in Athletics and Activities. With a list of almost 40 clubs that continuously grows, every student at Arapahoe can get involved. Many clubs have a large membership. All clubs expect their members to be very involved. Students can find opportunities to explore their interests, contribute to the community, pursue their passions, and become leaders within the student body.  Studies continue to show that extra-curricular involvement creates positive relationships between students and adults, and contributes directly to college entrance and success.

Starting a Club

If a student is interested in starting a new club at Arapahoe High School, please stop by the Activities office and visit with Mrs. Kuhlmann.  If the club is feasible, and meets the requirements of Board Policy, the student will need to find a sponsor/monitor and fill out an application. Our hope is that we will continue to expand the list of clubs offered at Arapahoe High School.

Social Activities

Student committees, under the supervision of adult sponsors and with approval from the Activities Director, plan social events. School dances and other major events are sponsored by classes, clubs, or other student organizations. Activities will be advertised on the bulletin boards and TV monitors throughout the school as well as the announcements over the intercom. The sponsoring organization is responsible for publicizing the time, place, cost, rules, and other specifics of each event.

Club Sponsors and Monitors

The leaders of our clubs and activities are a group of dedicated faculty sponsors and monitors. Club sponsors and monitors recognize that our students are passionate about the activities that they participate in and lead -- it requires commitment, hard work and long hours beyond the school day. The reward is in seeing students thrive doing something they truly enjoy.

Please note that most clubs have open enrollment throughout the year. Please see our list of clubs, the club's sponsor, meeting times and a description on this website.

Thank you for your interest in Activities at Arapahoe. I look forward to working with you here at Arapahoe, and please contact me with any questions.

Abby Kuhlmann
Activities Director


Activities/Athletics Calendar

List of all Clubs and Sponsors

Clubs with WEBSITES:

All things Game Club
Art Club

Arapahoe Angels
Car Club
Chess Club
Climbing Club
Computer Science Club
Drama Club
Drones & Remote Control (DARC)
Equestrian Club
E-Sports Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Figure Skating Club
Hype Club
Improv Club
Instrumental Music-Marching Band
Instrumental Music- Color Guard
Journalism - The Herald News Magazine, Calumet Yearbook, Spear Broadcast and Video,
Key Club
Link Crew
Marine Life/Environmental Club
Martial Arts and Self Defense
Math Club
Men of Volleyball
Mountain Bike Club
National Business Honor Society
National Economic Challenge Club
National Spanish Honors Club
National French Honors Club
National Honor Society
Physics Club
Rugby Club - Men
Rugby Club - Women
Save the Children Action Network Club
Science Bowl
Speech & Debate
StuCo: Executive Council
StuCo: Class of 2018
StuCo: Class of 2019
StuCo: Class of 2020
StuCo: Class of 2021
Technology Student Association (TSA)
Turning Point USA Political Club
Unified Basketball/Cheerleading
United for Change
Warriors of the Word
Water Polo Club
Weightlifting Club
Writing Club