Student Spotlight March 2023

The Student Spotlight feature of each LPS Board meeting, new to the Board’s agenda this year, celebrates a student or a group of students who are living out the Portrait of an LPS Graduate. 

Portrait of an LPS Graduate
What is the Portrait of an LPS Graduate? Tomorrow’s workers will succeed by constantly adapting to the changing world around them. Today’s students must begin by learning new life skills. In response, about four years ago, more than 300 local industry leaders, teachers, community members, parents and students discussed what the new learning priorities should be. Focus groups of LPS high school students reviewed this feedback, shared their priorities and compiled the Portrait of an LPS Graduate, which outlines the attributes/skills of an LPS graduate:

  • Well-adjusted, Thriving and Balanced
  • Communication
  • Global/Cultural Awareness
  • Character
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Risk-Taking
  • Resiliency
  • Collaboration
  • Self Advocacy
  • All surrounding Rigorous and Relevant Academic Skills

At the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting on March 9, 2023, students from Littleton High School’s wrestling program were recognized.

Littleton High School’s wrestling program has been rebuilt and revamped by head coach Ronnie Kois and his dedicated coaching staff. The program is now emblematic of LHS, as it is a diverse and inclusive community. The team offers opportunities for all: year-round competitive wrestlers as well as first-timers; native English speakers, bilingual speakers, and English language learners; Littleton High School students and a student from the Rocky Mountain School for the Deaf.

These student athletes exhibit many of the characteristics of the LPS Portrait of a Graduate. The team consistently demonstrates Communication, Character, Resiliency, Risk-Taking, and Collaboration–both during the wrestling season and in life.

Mimi Boone
Ethan Castillo
Morgan Chan
Eddie Childress
David Cruz
Elias Garcia
Kooper Griggs
Kevin Guzman-Nava
Hunter Hansen
James Horton
Jamshid Karemi
Aron Leon-Guillen
Gray Luxner
Zack Martinez
Graham McDonald
Gasim Mohamed-Osman
Van Owen
Giovanni Perez
Damien Rose
Kayden Smith
Max Stragand
Luke Suro
Disan Tenorio
Eldin Tuzinovic

An extra congratulations to Elias, Giovanni, Luke, and Disan for representing LHS at the state wrestling meet earlier this semester!

This team wouldn’t be complete without the team managers, who were also recognized for their hard work as part of this team. 

Ella Rivera
Abby Roaché

Thank you all for being an example of a diverse and inclusive team that comes together to work hard and play hard. You set an example for your peers by demonstrating the characteristics of the LPS Portrait of a Graduate. LPS is very proud of you and your accomplishments!