LPS Heroes Recognition Series No. 12

At their regularly scheduled meeting on September 9, 2021, the Board of Education was able to formally thank the bookkeepers and secretaries who were unable to be invited to a Board meeting in the spring due to limited capacity for in-person meetings at the time. It was important to the LPS finance office that these bookkeepers and secretaries were recognized in the year they did the work for which they were nominated, so all these staff members received their LPS heroes certificates in the spring. They were invited to the September 9 Board of Education meeting to be recognized in person for their hard work. 

During the 2020–2021 school year, bookkeepers and secretaries faced a number of new challenges and had to come up with creative solutions for them. They adapted to new processes while working remotely, like the electronic submissions to accounts payable. In general, they continued to be the connection for many parents to the district, and that friendly connection was more important than ever. A huge thank you for all the work that was put into making sure our families were taken care of last year and for all continuing to do so this year. It’s so important for our families to have that personal connection, and we are so grateful to have each of these people on our LPS team: 

Linda Arnold
Lorna Beckett
Kristin Byrne
Amanda Case
Phebe Condon
Stacy Cruz
Lydia Daugherty
Hilary Horrigan
Jennifer Johnson
Jill Kelley
Chris Krutsche
Laura Linnick
Lisa Lira
Cruz Long
Melissa Lotz
Kenna Macky
Janelle Marshall
Robben Martinez
Nancy Mathias
Theresa More
Sherry Newton
Lynn Petersen
Laura Ronald
Penny Selden
Victoria Sun
Lisa Thursby
Rana Van Leeuwen