LPS Fourth and Fifth Graders Participate in Math Tournament

On Friday, April 26, Newton Middle School became the hub of excitement and intellectual challenge as it hosted the LPS Math Tournament for the district’s fourth and fifth graders. 12 eager teams from across the district competed, showcasing their mathematical talents in a rigorous, 20-question written test followed by thrilling "speed rounds" that pitted teams against each other in real-time problem-solving.

Students working at a table on a math written test in a room hosting the district math tournamentA huge shout-out goes to Emily Abell, who not only coordinated but also ran our tournament, ensuring a smooth and successful event. Thanks also to the gifted and talented (GT) staff whose dedication kept the event running flawlessly, to Newton Middle School for providing the perfect venue, and to all the families who supported their students in participating.

The event was a resounding success, filled with enthusiasm and commendable performances from our young mathematicians. This day was not just about competing, but also about learning, growing, and celebrating the joys of mathematics.

Fourth Grade Tournament Results

  • First Place: Littleton Preparatory (Owen Szymanski, Rafa Canas, Victoria Pisahl, and coach Jennifer Kreisher)
  • Second Place: Lenski Elementary School (Braxton VanGelder, Riley Lozano, Sophia Schultz, and coach Katie Heissenbuttel)
  • Third Place remained tied, even after five tie-break rounds:
    Gaskill Elementary School (Tyler Barron, Max Zuber, Casey Shahan, and coach Emily Abell)
    Sandburg Elementary School (Ben Cote, Wallace Smith, Ryker Loomis, and coach Jill Kates)

A team of students working together at their table during the LPS Math TournamentFifth Grade Tournament Results

  • First Place: Lenski Elementary School (Tracen Gibson, Caleb Larson, Jason Jiang, and coach Katie Heissenbuttel)
  • Second Place: Wilder Elementary School (Bradley Echter, AJ Barber, Ray Chen, and coach Alex Sandoval)
  • Third Place: Gaskill Elementary School (Elizabeth Ferguson, Matias Garcia, Kai Schulte, and coach Emily Abell)

Let’s continue to encourage and support these bright young minds in their pursuit of excellence in mathematics!