Battle of the Books 2024

What if reading were a competitive sport? You’d have events like the annual LPS Battle of the Books, that’s what!

This unique event sees teams from elementary and middle schools going head-to-head with their peers in various formats of book trivia, racking up points for their teams by demonstrating literary knowledge and quick thinking.

Elementary School Battle of the Books
Two elementary school teams sit in a pod common area at Ford Elementary while two middle school students read trivia questions for them.Hosted at Dr. Justina Ford Elementary School on March 12, the elementary competition saw fourth and fifth grade students from 12 schools engaging in five rounds of challenging questions about 12 selected books. The event featured a Relay Round, two "Family Feud" style rounds, and two "Jeopardy Buzzer Rounds." Students from Newton Middle School took on the special role of crafting and reading all the competition questions, adding an extra layer of excitement to the battle.

Special thanks to Allie Slocum, the GT Facilitator at Ford, who organized and hosted this incredible event. Appreciation also extends to the Ford staff and student ambassadors, as well as the GT Facilitators and Battle of the Books coaches from each participating school, who all played pivotal roles in the seamless execution of the competition.

Thanks also to the Newton Middle School students for their vital support of this event for their younger peers!

First Place: Little Raven Elementary School
Second Place: Gaskill Elementary School
Third Place: Hopkins Elementary School

Middle School Battle of the Books
The inaugural middle school competition, held at Littleton Prep on May 2, saw teams from three schools in Grades 6–8 compete fiercely. This new addition to the Battle of the Books series underscores LPS's commitment to fostering a lifelong love of reading among older students.

Hats off to Jennelle Kreisher, Shayna Wood, and Breeanne Moore, teachers at Littleton Prep, Goddard, and Newton, respectively, for their exceptional effort in organizing this enriching experience for our middle school readers.

First Place: Bookworm Jrs. (Powell Middle School)
Second Place: Knight Readers (Newton Middle School)
Third Place: Bookworms (Powell Middle School)