Header: Absence Reporting System

Littleton Absence Reporting System

If you are a new employee to LPS, please follow these directions to access the Littleton Public Schools Reporting System (LARS). 

Instructions for Reporting an Absence


To Log On: User ID = User ID. PIN Number = LARS PIN Number. Use reason codes as listed below.

Follow instructions provided by the system. If you need help, call the LARS desk at 303-347-3370. After reporting your absence, notify your building principal according to your building guidelines.


Call 1-800-942-3767. The system will ask you your User ID, please enter the User ID number you received when you initially began at LPS. It will then ask you for your PIN Number. Please enter the PIN you created and then press the POUND (#) key. Enter REASON for absence: 

1 = Sick Leave*

2 = Deductible Sick Leave (Cost of a Sub)

5 = Personal Leave (All Employees- Teachers, Classified & Administrators)

6 = Deductible Personal Leave (Cost of Sub + $5)

Must have Authorization from HR

7 = Professional Leave (Consult Building Secretary for Extended Reason Codes) 8 = Worker's Compensation*
9 =  UNPAID Personal Leave 10 = Jury Duty

11 = Vacation

12 = Reimburseable (Licensed Staff)
13 = Comp Time (Classified Only) 14 = Military Leave
15 = Bereavement (2 days only per year) * Please contact Brian Regan ext. 3450 for leave of absence paperwork. Leave of absence paperwork is required for all leaves over 3 days.