Safety Mindset

The National Safety Council reports that 90% of all workplace injuries are caused by an unsafe act. Safety is an action word. To make something safe takes ACTION and requires someone to do something. That something is to recognize what can cause an injury and then take steps to prevent it in a manner that ensures nobody gets hurt. That someone is YOU.

A SAFETY MINDSET is about making the time to take care of yourself and those around you. It’s about our community and our collective wellbeing. Here are a few tips to help create your own SAFETY MINDSET:


Safety Mindset image: Aware, Focus, Strong, Patient, Responsible, Think, Safety MindsetAWARE: Pay attention. Stay alert to the possible hazards in your work environment so that you can take steps to correct or guard against them. For example, knowing that there's snow and ice on the ground will help you wear the correct footwear and be mindful of walking around icy spots. 

FOCUS: Concentrate on the task(s) at hand. Distractions, boredom or fatigue can lead to accidents and other safety hazards. Take good care of yourself. Getting plenty of rest and staying alert may prevent accidents.

STRONG: Have the strength to do the right thing even when it's easier not to. Follow safety procedures. Remind co-workers of safety precautions. Follow district policy at all times.

PATIENCE: Take the time to do things correctly every time - like always buckling your seatbelt, even on quick trips. Be aware of your surroundings - even if you need to take a moment to assess the setting. There are no shortcuts to safety. 

RESPONSIBLE: Take responsibility for a safe work environment. If you see something out of place, pick it up or alert someone who can help. Someone may fall on that item and become injured if you don’t. You can’t ever assume that someone else will take action – let it be you!

THINK: Stop to think before you act. Accidents are not the result of bad luck. They occur when someone decides (consciously or not) to take a chance. Be smart and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Take the time to thoughtfully ensure that objects are safely in their place, and conditions are favorable for your activity before you begin.


Source:, “ Top Three Myths About Workplace Injuries - And What YOU Can Do To Bust Them" Carl Potter and Deb Potter