Wilder's SmartLab

Wilder’s SmartLab
Four years ago, Wilder installed a Smart Lab from Creative Learning Systems (CLS). Outgoing principal, Susan Dalton, said, “This lab is a collaborative experience for students to expand their knowledge of technologies through robotics, coding, and activities that promote creativity, critical thinking, and innovation.”

Applying for a grant
In spring 2021, CLS reached out to all schools who currently have one of their products in place to announce a $50,000 grant. Schools were invited to apply by providing a multimedia presentation of how learning is different in their lab. Wilder students decided to focus their four-minute-or-less video on how the Smart Lab is the heart of the school. 

CLS used a rubric to score the multimedia presentations and to provide clear scoring guidelines to schools as they developed their submissions. Videos were scored on:

  • A clear message

  • Content quality

  • Memorable

  • Originality and creativity

  • Production quality

Wilder’s video won FIRST PLACE! 

What does this mean?
In the fall of 2021, Wilder will receive a $50,000 studio lab. It will include a computer-generated virtual set, chromakey, teleprompting, broadcast and digital streaming capabilities, video editing, media storage, royalty-free sound and video clip libraries, and professional lighting and audio equipment.

Incoming principal, Devon Reinert, said, “A heartfelt thank you to the students who really are the voice and talent of this, and we’ll benefit from this in many ways! We are incredibly excited for the opportunities the Smart Lab Studio will create in this upcoming year.”

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