Two Student-Created Mottos Selected for Posters for Next Littleton GED Program

Next Littleton GED program students recently participated in a contest to come up with a motto for the program. The contest was inspired by moving comments made by a student to the staff at Next Littleton. Charlene Brock, program administrator for Next Littleton GED Plus Program, said, “In talking with our students, we are constantly impressed with the wisdom of their thoughts and words. Students who struggle in traditional school tend to have a great deal of life experience.”

The students who created the top two mottos were awarded a gift card prize and saw the transformation of their words into an inspiring, promotional poster.

Tai’xhan Colvin spends his spare time writing music. He created a rap-inspired motto selected to represent the program this year: “I can get my GED for me, to change my ways and show people I won’t quit, and I will succeed.”

Andre Duran, who is working as an auto technician while simultaneously pursuing his GED, earned the second-place prize for the motto, “LIke I hear every day, you have to invest in yourself.”

Congratulations to Andre and Tai’xhan! Thank you for sharing your wise words with Next Littleton GED and the Littleton community! The mottos are truly inspiring.

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