Sometimes a Supportive Community Means a Motorcade

Benny “Beau” Trujillo started kindergarten at Gudy Gaskill Elementary School on Thursday, August 17, 2023. His first day looked a little different than his peers’: Beau arrived with a motorcycle and police vehicle escort.

Beau’s father, a former Marine and police officer, lost his life in the line of duty. For Beau’s first day of school, the community who knew and served with his father stepped up to make sure Beau felt supported for his first day. When they got to school, one of them said, “Beau, we want you to know you have all your brothers and sisters here, and you’re not doing this alone.” 

Some Marines were also present to welcome Beau to school. When asked whether they knew or served with Beau’s father, they answered, “He was a Marine, and we are proud to be here for his son.”

A supportive community can make a huge difference in a child’s life and education. So many LPS students have supportive family, friends, and other community members around them. LPS is grateful to have opportunities like this that provide such a visual reminder of the wonderful community we share.

Beau, we hope you–and all your peers–have a wonderful school year!