Powell Middle School Teacher Named CSMA Advisor of the Year

In a press release dated September 21, 2020, the Colorado Student Media Association announced that Yvette Manculich, Powell Middle School’s yearbook advisor, was named the 2020 CSMA Advisor of the Year.

Ms. Manculich oversees Powell’s yearbook, news network, and The Puma’s Tale. She has taught multiple courses within media studies as well as English, history, and drama. She is considered a leader across the state, having served as a judge for state and national student media competitions, and she is a regular presenter at conferences. She has also served as the Middle School Coordinator for the Colorado Student Media Association.

“Advising the yearbook has allowed me to forge tremendous relationships with members of my editorial staff, often marveling as these students continue to pursue journalism in high school, college, and beyond. It is humbling to know their love of journalism began in my room during the often formative years of middle school,” Ms. Maculich said.

Please read the press release in its entirety here.