Officer Redmond Receives Optimists' Respect for Law Award

Congratulations to Littleton Police Department’s Officer Rick Redmond, SRO at Euclid Middle School, and Rudder! Officer Redmond is the recipient of an Optimists Club of Littleton Respect for Law Award! 

Officer Redmond was nominated for this award, which recognizes someone who inspires respect for the law among local young people, by Doug Stephens, Chief of Police of the Littleton Police Department. His nomination letter detailed that Officer Redmond volunteered to become LPD’s first ever Therapy K-9 handler, and working with Rudder is a 24/7 responsibility and will go a long way towards fostering positive relationships between Euclid students and their SRO. 

Further, Chief Stephens’ letter had this to say about Officer Redmond: 

“Officer Redmond went above and beyond his normal duties during an incident on September 9, 2022, when he responded to a medical emergency involving an infant. Officer Redmond was working his assignment at Euclid and heard on the police radio that officers were being dispatched to a residence a few blocks from the school to assist Fire?EMS on an infant that was unresponsive. Recognizing he was probably the closest officer to the scene, Officer Redmond made the decision to leave the school and immediately respond to the residence to see if he could assist. Officer Redmond was the first responder to arrive on scene and observed a panicked and hysterical mother crying over an 11-month-old infant who was not breathing. Officer Redmond immediately took over life-saving efforts and cleared the child’s airway, maintaining an airway and oxygen flow until the ambulance arrived. Officer Redmond carried the child directly to the ambulance where paramedics took over her care. The infant was transported to the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery.”

LPS, and especially Euclid Middle School, is lucky to have an SRO working with our students who cares so much about the wellbeing of those around him. He and Rudder will continue to PAWSitively impact lives in the LPS community!