National School Psychology Week

November 6–10 is National School Psychology Week! 

Littleton Public Schools currently employs 35 psychologists. All LPS schools have at least a part-time school psychologist assigned, and most of these professionals are supporting special education students. School psychologists have specific training related to students with disabilities including psychological assessment and evaluation of learning needs. They also have training in working with students individually and in small groups to enable students to learn skills when their social/emotional functioning significantly impacts their ability to participate in the school environment.

According to, school psychologists have developed knowledge and skills in:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Assessment and progress monitoring
  • Schoolwide practices to promote learning
  • Resilience risk factors
  • Consultation and collaboration
  • Academic/learning interventions
  • Mental health interventions
  • Behavioral interventions
  • Instructional support
  • Prevention and intervention services
  • Special education services
  • Crisis preparedness, response, and recovery
  • Family-school-community partnerships
  • Diversity in development and learning
  • Research and program evaluation
  • Professional ethics, school law, and systems

The work of LPS’s school psychologists is so important; they ensure every single LPS student has what they need to succeed.

Thank you to our school psychologists for all your work on behalf of students, families, and teachers!