A message from LPS regarding the events of January 6

Dear LPS Families and Staff:

Littleton Public Schools abhors the attempted insurrection, violence and violation of the law in the U.S. Capitol on January 6. These shocking events were difficult to see and comprehend, particularly during this already-challenging global pandemic.  

We respect the Constitution (including the right to peacefully protest), the complex and difficult work of Congress, and the peaceful transition of power. The chaos in the Capitol building was an outright attack on our democracy and has no place in our government.  

Every day in our schools, we honor the expectation that differing views and opinions should be discussed, but always within the framework of respect and seeking to understand. As Americans, we have a moral imperative to voice our opinions peacefully and respectfully, all within the law. 

We deeply appreciate the efforts that LPS parents, guardians and educators have undertaken over the past two days to help our students feel safe and understand what has happened. One of our ultimate goals as educators is to prepare our students to become engaged citizens within this democratic republic. Often the most important learning happens when caring adults simply talk honestly and directly with young people.  

LPS has a number of online mental health resources available to students, families and staff. You can also reach out to a school counselor, teacher or administrator if you or your student would like assistance. 

Thank you for everything that you do every single day for our students.

Brian Ewert, Superintendent
Jack Reutzel, President, Board of Education
Amanda Crosby, President, Littleton Education Association