LPS Recognized in Literacy Case Studies

Two case studies have recently recognized LPS’s gains in achievement in literacy. Amy McIntosh, coordinator of innovation, equity, and learning; and Heidi Wagner, literacy teacher on special assignment, were cited in both a LETRS case study and a Superkids Reading Program case study

LETRS, which stands for “Language Essentials of Reading and Spelling,” is a professional development program that is “based on [the] science of reading pedagogy and accredited by the International Dyslexia Association. [It] offers educators the background, depth of knowledge and tools to teach language and literacy skills to every student--and it can be used regardless of the literacy program in use.” Amy McIntosh said, “It [has] the most in-depth and comprehensive approach to understanding the science of learning to read and spell.” Heidi Wagner said, “Not a day goes by without a fellow educator asking me when he or she will have the opportunity to participate in LETRS.” Other LPS teachers have expressed that it has increased their confidence in literacy instruction and provided a deeper understanding of the curriculum and how to support literacy development. 

Superkids is a comprehensive reading program for elementary grades that includes strong foundational skill development, now in its third year of use in LPS. “Having a common resource and common language in this research-based curriculum helped building-to-building collaboration,” according to Amy McIntosh. Heidi Wagner added, “We know from brain research that kids need systematic, explicit instruction. They’re not going to learn to read by osmosis: we have to be intentional.”

Congratulations to Amy and Heidi for their recognition, and to all the LPS educators who made these case studies possible through their dedication to our students’ achievement.