LPS Hosts Special Conversation to Discuss Mental Health, Safety and Security

On Monday, December 10, Littleton Public Schools hosted a special conversation to discuss mental health, safety and security in LPS and the improvements the district has made in the last five years. While the national conversation surrounding mental health grows, Littleton Public Schools is resolutely committed to doing everything it can to address these issues within its own community. The district strives to foster an environment where every student is safe and knows that they have a number of resources and supports available to help them develop into happy, healthy and well-adjusted young adults. Littleton Public Schools is committed to destigmatizing mental health and fostering an environment of acceptance and support. LPS acknowledges the complexities of mental health and is engaging everyone from members of its local school communities to national mental health experts, to figure out what more the district must do to better support its students and families.

Present at Monday’s conversation were LPS Superintendent Brian Ewert, LPS Board member Jim Stephens, LPS Director of Social, Emotional and Behavior services Nate Thompson, LPS Director of Secondary Education Clay Abla, LPS Mental Health Team Lead Meredith Henry, Arapahoe High School Principal Natalie Pramenko, Arapahoe High School Assistant Principal Abby Kuhlmann and Arapahoe High School students Emmy Hawkins and Marcus Morgan. Additionally, the conversation was greatly enhanced by the participation of Christine Harms from the Colorado School Safety Center, as well as Michael and Desiree Davis, who’s daughter Claire was the victim of the 2013 shooting at Arapahoe High School. The district is beyond grateful for the Davis’ ongoing support to help improve mental health, safety and security in LPS.

Reporters from 9News, Colorado Public Radio, The Villager, Centennial Citizen/Littleton Independent and the AHS Herald also joined the conversation.

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