LPS High Schools make Newsweek’s Top STEM Schools Listing

Newsweek magazine partnered with STEM.org to rank America’s 5000 Best STEM High Schools in its November 8th, 2019 online edition. In a wide-ranging review of STEM programs in schools across the country, the list includes high-profile institutions in big urban areas and programs with smaller population bases.

Nationally, Arapahoe High School was ranked #1264, Heritage High School ranked #1993, and Littleton High School ranked #2232 among the 5000 reviewed programs. 

Among the 106 Colorado programs on the STEM list, Arapahoe ranked #22 in the state, with Heritage at #47 and Littleton at #51. 

Six Colorado schools made the top 500 and were listed in the November 8th printed magazine.

To see a complete list of the 5000 schools and their rankings, go to: https://www.newsweek.com/americas-best-stem-high-schools-2020