LPS High School Chess Tournament

On Saturday morning, April 20, the Littleton Public Schools High School Chess Tournament brought together twenty of the district’s sharpest minds at Littleton High School. The 4-round, non-elimination tournament showcased intense competition and strategic prowess among students from various schools.

A group photo of participants in the LPS high school chess tournament with winners in the front row with their trophies.Thanks to the superb organizing efforts by Jeanne Hildreth and the generosity of Barb Donahue, who provided the perfect setting in the LHS library, the event was both a triumph of planning and participation. The tournament was expertly overseen by Tournament Master Karthika Stathi from kingsofchess.com, ensuring a professional and engaging experience for all involved.

Congratulations to the top performers of the tournament:

  • First Place: Grayson Manuel, a freshman at Littleton High School
  • Second Place: Harper Bogitch, a junior at Heritage High School
  • Third Place: Eli Cohrs, a sophomore at Arapahoe High School, who clinched his spot after a thrilling 2-round playoff
  • Honorable Mentions: Warren Dix, a senior at Arapahoe High School; and Jace Enriquez, a junior at Heritage High School

These students utilized exceptional strategic thinking and sportsmanship, making their schools and LPS proud.

Join us in celebrating these young strategists who have set an impressive standard for future tournaments!