LPS Heroes Recognition Series No. 4

As employees who have gone above and beyond in their work continue to be recognized as LPS Heroes, this installment in the series recognizes our district translation team. They were also recognized at the February 11, 2021 Board of Education meeting.

The Written Translation Team
The translation team works diligently on nights and weekends to translate communications for our Spanish-speaking community. They have all been vetted and trained to be successful at the very difficult skill of written translation. This necessary service increases equity and access for families in LPS, and these translators are a vital part of engaging our Spanish-speaking community. During Covid, this group of dedicated individuals has worked at unbelievable speed to translate the communication provided to families, especially last spring when LPS went to fully remote learning. In addition to their written translation work, the team works throughout the district as follows:

  • Teresa Gutierrez is head of the district approved translators, and she is a world languages teacher at Arapahoe High School.

  • Amber Waderich is a substitute teacher in LPS.

  • There are four family liaisons on the team as well: Miguel Torres at East Elementary School, Erika Dawkins at Field Elementary School, Maria F. Castillo at Centennial Academy, and Raquel Martinez at Littleton High School.

  • Ryan Olson is a school engagement specialist and specifically supports the school engagement team, but also steps in as needed for additional communications.

  • Crystal Reid is our English language development program specialist and oversees the translation program.

  • Patricia da Costa contracts with LPS to support this team in providing written translation services.

  • Claudia Vega has left LPS, but she was in the thick of the hard work during the spring of 2020 and deserves recognition and thanks.

Thank you to our written translation team! You continue to do such important work to provide access to families who need it. It has been a challenging year, and you have risen to the occasion.