LPS Heroes Recognition Series No. 10

At their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, May 13, 2021, the Board of Education recognized the LPS Nurses, Janella Ferrie, Kathleen Ambron, and Kerry Schaper as LPS Heroes. All of these Heroes have had to flex a lot this year, and their work above and beyond their normal responsibilities warrants their recognition.

LPS's nurses have worked tirelessly to support LPS during Covid. The nurses spend hours supporting families, students, and staff through deciphering and implementing Covid guidelines. They provide assistance with contact tracing and they help manage the quarantines. That is a huge scope of work! And all the while, they are still there for students with other health needs. These nurses have been such an asset as LPS has navigated this school year during a global pandemic. The district's sincere gratitude goes to Charlotte Brazelton, Geri Johnson, Janet Deutsch, Kim Gates, Nicole Guider, and Sarah Orlando. Thank you for taking such good care of us in LPS!

Also recognized by the Board was Janella Ferrie, executive assistant to the superintendent, the Board of Education, and the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Janella was nominated by an LPS principal, Keri McCabe, who said, “Janella has been my go-to for many situations. I always know that she will be able to help me or direct me to the person who can. She has a very big job as the assistant to the superintendent, the Board of education, and the assistant superintendent of HR, and she’s doing an amazing job!” Keri is not the only person for whom Janella is the go-to. Janella just gets things done and does so with efficiency and positivity, and LPS is very lucky to have her! Thank you, Janella!

Kathleen Ambron, director of elementary education, was nominated by all the elementary school principals. Kathleen provides unwavering support for the principals and their schools both day and night. She is a champion for elementary education and the unique academic and social/emotional needs of some of LPS's youngest students. Kathleen has been a courageous leader, especially this year as the district faced figuring out how to educate kids during a pandemic. On top of that, opening a brand new elementary school next fall and combining some of our smaller schools present some challenging events for a community. Kathleen knows these challenges will bring about change that will benefit all students, and she has been working tirelessly to promote the vision of what LPS has to offer to students and families. Karen Tarbell said, “Her strong leadership inspires all of us.” Truly, Kathleen, LPS is a better place for students and families as a result of your leadership. Thank you.

Kerry Schaper, executive assistant to the assistant superintendent of learning services, has demonstrated incredible service and dedication to LPS. She has served the district for 38 years. She has been invaluable to many with her "can-do" approach and is a natural problem solver. Kerry has provided dedicated support to the District Accountability Ccommittee, and her amazing recollection of LPS history has been an instrumental part of aiding the work of the Learning Services Team; Dr. Tera Helmon, assistant superintendent of learning services, said, "We could not have done our work without her!" Thank you for all you have done for these many years, Kerry, and best wishes for a fruitful and relaxing retirement!

(Left to right) Lindley McCrary, Kathleen Ambron, Robert Reichardt, Charlotte Brazelton, Jack Reutzel, Sarah Orlando, Brian Ewert, Janet Deutsch, Geri Johnson, Kelly Perez, Kim Gates, Nicole Guider, Angela Christensen, Janella Ferrie, and Kerry Schaper