Littleton Academy Yearbook Sponsors Mask Contest

It’s no secret that 2020 looks a little different than other years. Littleton Academy is making the most of it, and in lieu of Halloween costumes, the LA Yearbook sponsored a mask contest for all grade levels on Friday, October 30. Art teacher Melissa Greer and a parapro took photos of everyone’s mask at lunch today, then selected winners based on originality, uniqueness, and creativity. There was one winner from each homeroom, and the prize was a gift from the Aspen Grove Chik-Fil-A. Ms. Greer said, “We had so much creativity on our faces!” Everyone did such a fantastic job! Photos of masks will definitely make it into the school’s yearbook.

Appearing in the photo collage from left to right and top to bottom: Kirk Hein, Alex Belyankin, Kaia Sabey, Barb Graziano, Sean Warden, River Twelves, Eva Bowles, Lock Houseal, Amin Hashemian, Owen Lush, Walker Wing, Macy Newcomb, Payton Padilla, Zach Fellows, Logan Antonovich, Sadie Weaver, Trinity Nelson, and teachers Mindy Mathay, Liz Graziano, and Leigh Baxter.