District Chess Tournament

The Littleton Public Schools chess tournament was held on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at Newton Middle School. There were 152 players in Grades K–8, which meant 76 simultaneous games in all five rounds of the non-elimination tournament.

A huge thank you to Newton for the use of their facility, all the GT and NMS staff who worked to keep things running smoothly, and to Jeanne Hildreth, who was instrumental in making the tournament happen. 

It was a great day! (Results below photos)






Individual Winner Results
K–1 Division

1st place: Owen Hendrix -- Highland Elementary
2nd place: Brooks Wilcox -- Lenski Elementary
3rd place: Peter Geigle -- Wilder Elementary
4th place: Waylon France -- Hopkins Elementary
5th place: Ellis Eymer -- Highland Elementary
6th place: Finn Abell -- Runyon Elementary
7th place: Emmett Webster -- Sandburg Elementary

2nd Grade Division
1st place: Barrett Halsey -- Wilder Elementary
2nd place: Kellan Affatica -- Hopkins Elementary
3rd place: Agota Rumsa -- Ford Elementary
4th place: Miles Capel -- Ralph Moody Elementary
5th place: James Granat -- Runyon Elementary
6th place: Violet Kauffman -- Runyon Elementary

3rd Grade Division
1st place: Santigo Strus -- Sandburg Elementary
2nd place: AJ Barber -- Wilder Elementary
3rd place: Matias Garcia -- Highland Elementary
4th place: George Rumsa -- Ford Elementary
5th place: David Clas -- Runyon Elementary
6th place: Kai Schulte -- Highland Elementary
7th place: Tracen Gibson -- Lenski Elementary
8th place TIE: Davis Uttley -- Runyon Elementary
8th place TIE: Foster Del Mastro -- Lenski Elementary

4th Grade Division
1st place: Shankar Parasuram -- Littleton Academy
2nd place: Soren Sturdivant -- Littleton Academy
3rd place: Jack Bednorz -- Hopkins Elementary
4th place: Ben Minerly -- Highland Elementary
5th place: Chase Wilcox -- Lenski Elementary
6th place: Kinsley Bernier -- Runyon Elementary

5th Grade Division
1st place: Sam Diederichs -- Ralph Moody Elementary
2nd place: Peter Dodge -- East Elementary
3rd place: Evan Chiang -- Littleton Academy
4th place: Oliver Tuttle -- Runyon Elementary
5th place: Kyle Kitchens -- Runyon Elementary
6th place: Jackson Thomsen -- Highland Elementary
7th place: Miguel Garcia -- Highland Elementary

6–8 Division
1st place: AJ Parasuram -- Littleton Academy
2nd place: Eli Cohrs -- Newton
3rd place: Andrew Gienger -- Newton
4th place: Colby Hyde -- Euclid
5th place: Sam Sweetman -- Newton
6th place: Leo Ellcessor -- Newton

School Winner Results
1st place: Littleton Academy
2nd place: Highland Elementary
3rd place: Wilder Elementary