Congratulations to the LPS Class of 2022

The LPS class of 2022 graduated during the third week of May, and the ceremonies had a palpable feeling of accomplishment. This was well-earned, as the class of 2022 earned over $60 million in scholarships for their post-secondary education, and includes:

  • 1 Boettcher Scholar

  • 2 Boettcher Scholar Finalists

  • 4 Daniels Fund Scholars

  • 8 National Merit Scholar Finalists

  • 17 National Merit Commended Scholars

  • 1 National Merit Hispanic Recognition Scholar

  • 4 US Military Academy Appointments Offered

  • 5 US Presidential Scholar Candidates

  • 27 International Baccalaureate Diploma Graduates

  • 31 STEM Certificate Recipients

  • 140 Seal of Biliteracy Endorsements


Class of 2022 earns prestigious awards and scholarships

Littleton Public Schools is proud to recognize and celebrate the entire class of 2022, and to congratulate the following students whose candidacy and/or reception of these prestigious scholarships and appointments reflects their distinguished high school careers. Congratulations to these students on these immense achievements:

Boettcher Scholar

  • Morgan Hampton (Arapahoe)

Daniels Fund Scholars

  • Michaela Cain (Arapahoe)

  • Jonathan Rodriguez Marin (Littleton)

  • Amber Mogg (Heritage)

  • Abigail Morgan (Arapahoe)

National Merit Finalists

  • Mitchell Carey (Arapahoe)

  • Gwenyth Fitzsimmons (Littleton)

  • Henry Greenwood (Arapahoe)

  • Mason Helms (Heritage)

  • James Landers (Littleton)

  • Andrew More (Heritage)

  • Ethan Rogers (Littleton)

  • Calvin Schroeder (Heritage

National Merit Commended Scholars

  • Kylie Auerbach (Heritage)

  • William Ballard (Arapahoe)

  • Clinton Carafelli (Arapahoe)

  • Dawson Davis-Pounders (Heritage)

  • Morgan Hampton (Arapahoe)

  • Hanna Hartzell (Heritage)

  • Ella Kates (Heritage)

  • Alicia Keiffer (Arapahoe)

  • Randolph Lahm (Arapahoe)

  • Sophia Lisco (Arapahoe)

  • Abigail Lux (Heritage)

  • Henry Mansfield (Heritage)

  • Abigail Morgan (Arapahoe)

  • Lillian Shanor (Arapahoe)

  • Hailey Sloan (Heritage)

  • Samuel Thompson (Arapahoe)

  • Angela Weigl (Arapahoe)

National Merit Hispanic Scholar

  • Carolyn Malkoc

US Presidential Scholar Nominees

  • Sebastian Arthur (Arapahoe)

  • William Ballard (Arapahoe)

  • Christopher Kahler (Arapahoe)

  • Abigail Lux (Heritage)

  • Henry Mansfield (Heritage)

United States Military Academy Appointments

  • Jackson Adams (Arapahoe) - Air Force Academy

  • Leah Jo Maloney (Heritage) - Naval Academy

  • Abigail Morgan (Arapahoe) - Air Force Academy (accepted) and Naval Academy