Classified Employees' Week 2023

October 9–13 is Classified Employees’ Week in LPS! At their regularly scheduled meeting on September 26, 2023, the Board of Education recognized our outstanding classified employees and proclaimed this week as one dedicated to honoring the classified employees in LPS. 

Classified employees can be found in every LPS school, in every classroom, in every setting. They are the front office staff at schools; they are the tradesmen and -women who keep our schools running; they are your bus drivers and your nutrition services workers; they are outside with your students every day at recess; they are coaches; they are there with students before and after school and over summers; they are the health assistants who take care of students when they’re sick; they are the paraprofessionals who are in classrooms and libraries and small group spaces; they are administrative assistants here in the district office and elsewhere that are enabling the important work of the district; they are the custodians and security personnel who keep our schools clean and safe. 

There is not a day that goes by that students are not in contact with classified employees. They are the backbone of our educational system, and we could not do our work to educate students without them. These employees deserve recognition and gratitude year-round, but we have designated the first week in October this year as a week to honor and recognize our classified employees.