Call to Action: Join us in support of the new modernized school finance formula bill

Dear Littleton Public Schools Community:

We know that continuing our tradition of excellence in Littleton Public Schools is important to you. And, while individual members of the LPS community hold many different political beliefs, they have demonstrated their collective belief that good public schools are important to the future of Colorado and our country.  

Colorado Superintendents have come together to respond to the challenge that the current school finance formula, which has been in place for 24 years, is outdated and no longer supports the needs of today’s Colorado students.  Superintendents have developed a modernized school finance formula that would ensure all districts receive additional funding in a more fair and equitable manner based on student needs, especially those who are under served and those who face the greatest challenges finishing high school ready for college and careers.

Should this new school finance formula be funded in future years, Littleton Public Schools would receive much-needed additional funding. The funding would help us address some of our areas of greatest need for which there is no available funding currently: 

  • State-funded preschool and full-day kindergarten for all
  • Additional mental health resources for students and families
  • Reducing class size where appropriate
  • Additional college/career pathways
  • Preparing students for the changing expectations and rigor of college as well as for the rapidly changing workforce.

The Colorado Superintendents’ Modernized School Finance Formula Bill was introduced into the Colorado House of Representatives last week. I, along with nearly every other superintendent in Colorado, support this bill. 

Please see the press release below for details.

It’s important to understand that this bill does not move forward unless adequate and sustainable state-level increases to K-12 education become available. Showing support for this new school finance formula is an important first step in addressing the needs of our students.

Things move fast at the Capitol during the Legislative Session, and we know this is short notice. I hope you can join us at this event this Wednesdayto show our community’s support for these important changes to K-12 funding in Colorado.

Thank you for your continued support of Littleton Public Schools. Your action makes a difference!


Warmest Regards,

Brian Ewert
Littleton Public Schools




Charlotte Ciancio, 303.853.1020 
Superintendent, Mapleton Public Schools 

171 Colorado Superintendents Representing 93% of Colorado’s Public School Students Host a Press Conference on Their Proposed Legislation to Update the School Finance Formula

Colorado Superintendents are hosting a press conference on Wednesday, February 7, at Dora Moore Elementary School (846 Corona St, Denver CO 80218) at 11:30am. Joined by parent and community leaders, the superintendents will explain the background and objectives behind their new school funding formula bill introduced last week in the Colorado House of Representatives. 

The event is designed especially for education reporters, members of the press and community members to learn more about a new, more equitable school finance formula that would serve Colorado’s 900,000 students. 

The proposed legislation has no impact to the General Fund. It does, however, provide a roadmap for providing a more fair and adequate level of funding with the goal of preparing every Colorado student for success in career, college and life. The new formula ensures that all districts receive additional funding to support current academic standards and accountability systems. In addition, it creates a more student-centric distribution formula. 

"It's about equity and adequacy, not in the sense of dollar-for-dollar, but similar opportunities for every student," said Glenn McClain, superintendent of Platte Valley Re-7 School District in Kersey and one of the drivers behind the plan.

Presentations will take 20 minutes followed by an opportunity for questions. Press will have access to presenters and other superintendents who are present for this announcement for any specific questions or interviews. 

WHAT: Colorado Superintendents’ Modernized School Finance Formula Bill 
WHEN: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 11:30 am 
WHERE: Dora Moore Elementary School, 846 Corona St, Denver CO 80218

RSVP here.
Unable to attend? Show your support here.