All LPS SCHOOLS - 2 HOUR Early Dismissal - October 29, 2019

Due to the winter storm moving into the metro area earlier than forecast, CDOT and the Colorado State Patrol are advising people to get off the roads earlier today. We want to do what we can to have our bus riders brought home before rush hour. Therefore, ALL LPS SCHOOLS AND ALL PROGRAMS WILL DISMISS TWO HOURS EARLY TODAY, October 29, 2019. AFTERNOON BUSES WILL RUN TWO HOURS EARLY TODAY.

Activities / Athletics
All activities, athletic practices, games and after-school events are also cancelled today, October 29.

School Age Child Care programs will be open until 3 pm for those students already scheduled for the day.  

Parents are welcome to pick up their children at any time today. Parents who do not want their children to walk home today can contact their school to let them know. We understand that some parents may have difficulty picking up their children at this earlier time. Students will be supervised at school until all students are picked up. Students will be safe.

Next Steps
We will continue to monitor the storm throughout the night and will communicate with you if changes are made to school schedules tomorrow.

We work hard to make decisions in the best interests of all LPS students. We think about our students of all ages who walk, ride a bus or drive themselves to school, and we remember that many of our students travel from other districts to attend our schools. We also take into account the hardship a school cancellation causes our families who need childcare and may depend on a hot meal at school.  

While we cannot anticipate the exact outcome of every storm and resulting road conditions, we care deeply about every student’s well being. This morning was a perfect example; the snow moved into the area several hours earlier than forecast, but after the time (4 a.m.) by which a decision needs to be made for buses and operational reasons. We recognize that some LPS families and staff members had difficulty this morning. 

Parents always have the right and the responsibility to do what is best for their children, and our schools respect those decisions. The option to bring children to school late or keep children home when weather conditions are extreme is always at the parents' discretion.

We apologize for the difficulty this morning. Thank you for your support and your patience!

More Information about Delay/Closure Procedures