8th Annual Poetry Slam

Forty-two poets, representing all four district high schools, took to the stage to share the power of the spoken word for the 8th Annual LPS Poetry Slam at the Ames Facility. Sponsored by LPS Wellness and the Littleton Public Schools Foundation, the Slam is designed to give high school students a safe and fun environment to talk and convey their thoughts through performance, writing, competition and audience participation.

Prior to the event, the students were given an opportunity to participate in a workshop with slam poetry expert Javon Mays. Mays is the former Poet Laureate of Aurora, a National Poetry Slam Champion and TED Speaker.

Performing in front of an audience of 250 supporters in the Ames gym, the poets were scored by three judges during the first round, with the top 5 scores moving to the final round. The evening was filled with emotional prose, soul-searching reflection and moments of humor and love. Congratulations to all the poets and to this year’s top six:

  • 1st Place: Cay Zokatis - LHS
  • 2nd Place: Leah Thorp - LHS
  • 3rd Place: Allie Kolpak - AHS
  • 4th Place: Alina McIntosh - AHS
  • 5th Place tie: Sophie Patrick - AHS, Jamie Karchner - LHS


Featured Image: Top L-R; Cay Zokatis, LHS, Leah Thorp, LHS, Allie Kolpak, AHS; bottom L-R: Rachelle Richards, OHS with Jovan Mays; Alina McIntosh, AHS; AHS teacher Alex Spare and Paul Gordon, LHS.